La Trinchera at the Sammlung Essl

Working Draft


4noonInstall equipmentdepends on transport
512.00 - 19.00Rehearsalmoving equipment around
612.00 - 19.00Rehearsalmoving equipment around
621.00 - 23.00Disassemble / pickupafter the event
7... pickup remainingnext day


Things in Italics are those that we hope Sammlung Essl can provide. (Equipment list is provisional, we will bring approximately that listed but details will vary and we will work around it on the day...)

The final location for the complexes will be made on the Tuesday Dienstag during rehearsal.

Projector Complex

The idea is to get these as far back as possible, and as high as possible, so that the projected images go over the top of the heads of the audience and spread as much as possible.

On problem to work on the day: the diapositives are not strong enough to reach the full length of the auditorium and may need to be in an intermediate position. (One person only, on all sllide projectors.)

OHP Complex

The OHP complex is generally not raised up any more than being on normal office tables. It is located half way between the projectors and the screens, as the OHP angle of spread is much greater.

Doris Complex

The Doris table is small, and can be high, as the equipment is operated standing up. It can be close or colocated with the OHP complex and/or the Sound complex. The major requirement is good visibility of the screens.

Klaus Burger Complex


If possible, the screens mounted high, from the roof/pipes downwards. On stands/tables 1.2m high would be great. The main issue here is to have the bulk of the projected images over the top of the heads of the people without the "shadow heads" effect.

Video - Feedback

The video feedback system is based on a video camera connected to a beamer. The video camera captures the image of the beamer, thus creating an infinite loop. The beamer is generally fixed, the video camera is generally movable either on a tripod or by hand.

Sound / PA / Recording




In the event, as much of the lighting as possible should be turned off.

Outstanding Questions

Pickup / disassemble. When has that got to be done by?

Documentation Issues . Are there any Sammlung Essl / Series rules or regulations? Such as "no photos" or "must provide recording" or ...? One of the groups invited is an amateur photographers' club and they wish to take lots of photos. We also would like to record the whole event as best as possible (tape, video).