La Trinchera (Repository)

La Trinchera is a projections / music improvisation group founded by Doris Steinbichler, Rafael Balboa and Maurice Trujilla.

Campaign News

  • spotted in action: piezes audiovisuales itinerantes
  • ON TOUR !!!
  • 280 word Blurb (english)
  • Blurb (deutsche) "Audiovisuelle Improvisation"
  • Short Biography
  • Rafa's Blog
  • 4shrooms site and blog.
  • Mentioned in Dispatches

  • Cedric Lépine writes for Fiches en Cínema, in French, as found on le blog.
  • Sammlung Essl
  • weitweitweg
  • Plektrum features La Trinchera in an Austrian-Estonian streaming presentation streamed from a Mac webcam

  • Images from the Front

  • Short Clip of Mexico's 2005 Festival de Mayo in Guadalajara, featuring an ealy performance by La Trinchera. Screened on ORF, Austria's National TV Station, 7Mb, 3 minutes (Mov file).
  • (Sammlung Essl) Long length 21 mins of Sic Transit Gloria Mundi on Trinch-Ens blog post. 128Mb, click on Play in GoogleVideo box.
  • E Pluribus Enum" Pictures by Gosta Tendberg.
  • (Sammlung Essl) Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. 5 minutes, 20Mb (Mov file).
  • Museumsquartier 15th November 2006. 10 minutes, 43 Mb (MP4 file).
  • (Museumsquartier) "streaming to Estonia" 16th November 2006. 20 minutes, 51 Mb (Mov file, needs Mimetypes set).
  • (Monochrom) Taugshow #9 0th December 2006: robot with La Trinchera backdrop. 24 secs, 6 Mb (Mov file).
  • La Trinchera Needs You!

  • Brochure for Sammlung Essl - SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI
  • (Sammlung Essl) Flyer -- Sammlung Essl. 170 kb. Email-sized flyer.

  • Logistics

    Plan for Sammlung Essl.